The Value of Weird Little Projects

…and five things I was proud to put out into the world in 2018 😎

wait what album art

I. Built a Browser Extension 🖥

Cirque Disobey Chrome Extension: a hip hop cartoon in every new tab

II. Made a Font ✏️

middle school boy handwriting font

III. Created Some Digital Art 🎨

wait what, ‘drake’s hierarchy of needs,’ 2018. apple pencil on iPad 👨‍🎨📱😜

IV. Curated an Ongoing Playlist 🎧🔥

NOW that’s what I call 🔥🔥🔥’ spotify playlist

V. Wrote About Running In Different Cities 👟🌆

Bonus: Had a Patent Approved 👨‍🔬



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charlie kubal

design products, make records, read/write/think. hip-hop, fitness, investing. product @roblox (via sway) cofounder @getchronos (💰 @life360 ) @ideo @stanfordgsb